Touch-up Service – ($100 per day)

Teen delegates who choose to perform their own hair styling and makeup application will have the opportunity to hire the National Beauty Team’s touch-up service for a $100 daily fee on the first three days of the national competition. Teen delegates would be required to arrive at the beauty bar room with finished hair and makeup. The purpose of the touch-up service to ensure that the delegates are camera-ready and could include the following examples: 

  • Polishing of hair style that does not require the use of hot tools for the entire head, only going over areas that could benefit from additional attention to detail.

  • Additional hair spray if needed for long-lasting wear.

  • Additional blending of foundation and eyeshadow

  • Powder where needed to prevent oily appearance on camera

  • Eyelash Application

  • A second look to enhance contour, blush and lips if needed.

  • Any other details that could benefit from professional skill within the time frame of 15-30 minutes depending on the extent of attention needed for the entirety of the touch-up service.

No additional touch-ups will be available after their morning touch-up service.

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