Approved Supplier Annual Membership

Approved Supplier Annual Membership


Membership covers the application process and All Approved Suppliers will be added to our Miss USA websites and more.

Our Approved Supplier List comprises companies, contractors, vendors, or individuals who have satisfied the particular quality and compliance standards within the Miss USA Organization.

We are looking for enthusiastic and committed businesses that share a passion for the Miss USA Organization. We celebrate their strong business ethics and support personal and educational development. The MISS USA ORGANIZATION represents the traditional values, accomplishments, and impact of the country’s most prominent emerging market.

We believe that partnering with like-minded businesses is essential to further our mission and support the incredible women who participate in the Miss USA Organization. By aligning with us, businesses not only showcase their commitment to promoting integrity and empowerment but also contribute to the growth and success of aspiring individuals. Together, we can continue to uplift and inspire others, embodying the values of excellence, diversity, and progress that define our great nation. Join us in this exciting journey of empowerment, growth, and celebration!

To be eligible, you must be a respected business member of your community, you must be approved by the Miss USA Organization and furthermore, you must be capable of providing fair and efficient services while following the set criteria and guidelines herein.

We are eager to hear from you if you are interested in becoming an ASL of the Miss USA Organization.

We reserve the right to change or modify any of the terms and conditions or any policy or guideline of the Miss USA ASL at any time and in our sole discretion. Any changes or modification will be effective immediately upon posting of the revisions on our website. By continuing to follow the posted changes or modifications, you are indicating your acceptance of them, unless you provide written notice stating otherwise.

We reserve all rights and remedies under the Miss USA Organization. 

The affiliate must be approved by the team, and all rights are reserved.

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