Miss Ohio USA – Mackenzie


Mackenzie is a personal trainer and the owner of Mack’s Fit, training clients across the country. She is equipped with her Masters degree and a passion for reshaping outdated misconceptions of health and beauty. As a professional trainer and hopefully the next Miss USA, her goal is to encourage people to celebrate their bodies, see exercise as a form of self-love, and help women find the beauty in strong bodies and minds.

Outside of the gym, Mackenzie is rarely idle. She loves coaching her Doberman Pinscher – Rogue, in canine sports, equestrian riding, snowboarding, wakeboarding and cruising on her motorcycle.

She is a regular volunteer with The Special Olympics, NC4K, Worthington Resource Pantry and Hand Me Down Dobes. Mackenzie works as a model and has graced multiple fashion covers in Seventeen Magazine!

“Remember, your health journey is your own and goes far beyond physique. It’s about creating realistic habits for a healthy lifestyle.”