Miss North Carolina USA – Jordyn


Jordyn McKey, Miss North Carolina USA 2023, is a resident of Charlotte, NC. She has a deep admiration for self development and helping others find their divine purpose in life through her campaign of Soul Approval. 
She currently works for the global leading women’s health company, Hologic. She is 1 of 6 surgical specialists in the country for an innovative procedure that helps women combat uterine fibroids. She has a passion for empowering women in healthcare and the corporate world. 
During her year she wants to help be a driving force for unparalleled support with mental health in schools and form a curriculum for students throughout their entire education. Jordyn hopes to be an example of #beboth which advocates for others to not confine themselves to one label in life. She plans to set this standard by being a woman in pageantry, corporate America, and women’s health.