Miss New Mexico USA – Bianca


Bianca Wright, is a graduate from New Mexico State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science.  Her ultimate dream is to one day work for Los Alamos National Laboratory conducting multidisciplinary research. Bianca’s love for science drove her to start her initiative #Harvestinghelpforhumanity which emphasizes on restoring humanity by helping others come together through nature.  People are surprised to know that she is licensed to preform a wedding ceremony. Not only does she build families, Bianca builds her self-confidence by investing in the power of education and contributing to her community. Bianca creates hygiene care packages for the homeless, and dresses up as Disney characters, to uplift youth around her community. As a proud Afro-Latina she is an advocate for ensuring people are evaluated on their own merit and abilities and not defined by their gender, sexuality or race. Bianca Wright is Miss New Mexico USA 2023.