Miss Georgia USA – Rachel


Rachel Russaw is a 25-year-old entrepreneur, who has an impressive track record of accomplishments. A graduate of The University of Alabama with a Bachelor of Science in Consumer Sciences, she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey at fifteen, becoming a full-time content creator and later fulfilling her dream of launching Shop 8.14, her online clothing boutique.

Passionate about empowering young women, Rachel initiated #InfluenceHerIRL, promoting self-confidence, mental health awareness, and entrepreneurship. She combines that with her passion of serving as the Director of Community Outreach for Novaturient, a non-profit organization that makes a difference by helping to provide free mental health services to children and families in Atlanta.

Honored to represent Georgia, Rachel looks forward to influencing the next generation to pursue their dreams during her reign as Miss Georgia USA. Her dedication to her community and empowering others defines her vision for the year ahead.