Miss New Jersey USA – Derby


Derby Chukwudi is a Nigerian-American woman in Finance who works with the Global Investment Strategy Team at JPMorgan Private Bank in New York City.

Born in Dallas, Texas, raised in Lagos, Nigeria Derby believes in living a limitless life, filled with purpose to elevate others; the catalyst for her leaving home at age 16 to pursue her college education. Derby was named a 2023 finalist for the She Inspires Rising Star Awards for her exceptional leadership, responsibility, and impact in her field.

Derby’s mission is for schools in all 50 states of the United States to require financial education and she partners with national organizations as an advocate.

Her approach to life is one full of gratitude, hard work, and resilience. Derby is honored to compete in Miss USA 2023 and hopes to inspire others to recognize that their differences are their greatest asset, and everyone should have a chance to fulfill their dreams.